Cyberconnecting – The Role of Identity in Excellence and Innovation

In the ‘Future of Work’ the ‘team’ has become the heart of innovation and excellence within successful organisations. The ‘agile’ way, having reached beyond the software development bench, emphasises team self-management, collaboration, quick and early stage functioning results, and an immense adaptability to emerging business realities.

The importance of agile methodologies for the benefit of excellence and innovation is by now well understood. Nevertheless, with a steadily growing number of global knowledge workers – an anticipated 1 billion digital nomads by 2035 – agile methodologies need updating. Behaviour-centric identity management is the secret sauce to adding value to modern agile in an increasingly diverse marketplace.

“High frequency quality interactions get everyone on the same page and working in sync”.

Collaboration is enacted through interaction, which in turn is enacted through identity. Through raised levels of identity awareness, the workforce is able to build robust work-based relationships across generations, geographies, functional, and organisational boundaries. By that, internal and external teams can put customers at the centre of community collaboration in order to deliver value to customers faster.

It is essential that all people in the organisation understand the value of human connections as well as their own role in shaping their organisational culture. The focus has to be on the role of identity as the key ingredient to achieving excellence, from individual innovation, through to innovative practice at team and organisational level.

Scaling agile across the organisation is an iterative process well beyond the IT function. With individuals and teams as ambassadors and a with a clear action plan in place, it is feasible to successfully embed these practices as part of your digital transformation programme.

Cyberconnecting Webinar

In a 3-part webinar, CXO Transform founder Rob Llewellyn spoke with Dr. Priya Abraham about Cyberconnecting.

Part 1: Innovating through identity-based collaboration
In the first part of the webinar, we provide an overview of the complexity inherent in innovation and discuss how maximum innovation comes from agile, self-managed teams.

Part 2: Understanding the importance of profiling yourself, groups, and end user/customers to create social impact
In part 2, we look at how workforce identity and corporate brand shape the foundation for organisational innovation – why is it so important to create belonging within and across teams.

Part 3: Achieving innovation excellence and what really works
In the final part of the webinar, we give examples of application and best practice in innovating for success in the agile market-place realities.

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