Productise Your Expertise

Most professionals are grossly underpaid as they spend their working life selling everything they know to one customer, who is for most people, their employer. And while salaries vary, you can guarantee there are people out there selling similar expertise to what you can provide, for many times more than what you sell yours for.

If buying you and your family a better life on this planet is your priority, you should be thinking about how you can capitalise on your expertise and not give it away for less than four figures a day to one firm. And even if you do command a healthy fee or salary, if you could double that by supplementing it with a digital revenue channel of your own, how would that change your lifestyle?

Digital Opportunity

The digital economy offers all experts the opportunity to combine their professional expertise with digital tools and sell their expertise to thousands of customers around the world. The problem for most professionals is that they don’t know how to do this. Many are sitting on a goldmine of expertise and selling it once a month to one firm at a bargain basement price. Ask yourself how much any of the big consulting firms would charge for providing similar expertise to your employer or customer and reflect on that. Are you getting what you’re worth? Or are you selling yourself short?

Right now, thousands of professionals are productising their expertise and selling it 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week to customers all over the world. They’re the minority that are extracting profit from the digital economy, while the large majority of people are simply spending in it or helping their company do it. Which camp are you in right now?

All smart software companies are selling their software as a service. They seized the concept first, and now thousands of professionals are beginning to emulate that digital economy success by selling their productised expertise.

Productised Expertise

Productised expertise is when you take the expertise you give to your employer or customers, package it into a digital format then sell it online. Your productised expertise takes the form of an online course or workshop, which teaches people how to do what you do and get the results you get. It’s a perfect solution for the thousands of customers who don’t have the budget to pay for consultancy services, but who can stretch to paying several hundred dollars for your productised expertise.

Exponential Opportunity

While several hundred dollars won’t change your life, when you leverage the power of digital, those several hundred dollars becomes multiplied over and over and over, as customers across the entire planet pay for your productised expertise.

For many people that are prepared to learn how to do this, their online sales can quickly outperform their traditional current earnings (selling time for money) so don’t underestimate the opportunity here. You already have a customer/employer and they trust you. By leveraging the power of digital you can scale up, gain the trust of far more people and sell your expertise to hundreds or thousands more customers. It’s a no-brainer – and I can say that because I do it myself and I know many other professionals with many different types of expertise who also do it.

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