Response to UK Government Digital Strategy

While response to UK Government Digital Strategy has been mixed, it remains the strategy that sets out how the UK will build on its success to date, with the intention of developing a world-leading digital economy that works for everyone.

The Strategy is made up of the following seven strands (sections):

Connectivity – building world-class digital infrastructure for the UK.
Digital skills and inclusion – giving everyone access to the digital skills they need.
The digital sectors – making the UK the best place to start and grow a digital business.
The wider economy – helping every British business become a digital business.
A safe and secure cyberspace – making the UK the safest place in the world to live and work online.
Digital government – maintaining the UK government as a world leader in serving its citizens online.
Data – unlocking the power of data in the UK economy and improving public confidence in its use.

Mixed Response

While response to the UK Government Digital Strategy has been mixed, naturally Karen Bradley, the UK Government Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, was singing its praises, and wrote …

This Digital Strategy applies this framework to the digital economy across the whole country. It will boost our world-leading digital sectors and overcome barriers to growth and innovation, creating more of the high-skilled, high-paid jobs of the future. It will deliver the first-class digital infrastructure and advanced skills base that businesses across the country need to be able to take advantage of digital tools. And it will close the digital divide.

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Heather Burns, a digital law specialist in Glasgow wrote …

The Government Digital Strategy, contrary to the sycophantic cheerleading that greeted its release, is not the industrial blueprint for a proud, forward-thinking digital Britain. This is a vague and hesitant pastiche of halfhearted triumphalism, rehashed information, and digital solutionism.

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Daniel Thornton, Programme Director at The Institute for Government wrote …

Although the strategy provides a substantial analysis and description, and indeed makes a credible case for transformation, government produces a lot of strategies. Some of them actually do have a lasting impact, but those that don’t tend to be high on aspiration and low on specifics. Momentum needs to be maintained and the strategy needs cross-government support at secretary of state level – otherwise this risks ending up on the pile of unrealised government strategies.

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Make your own mind up about the UK Government Digital Strategy

Access the full UK Government Digital Strategy and draw your own conclusion.